Arts & Crafts Store in Aberdeen, SD

If you’re on the hunt for amazing local art and beautiful handmade items, come to The Bee Hive in Aberdeen, SD. We’re not just any arts and craft store—we’re a new local business that’s excited to provide you with access to gorgeous, artisanal gifts and items created by hand by local artists and crafters. Visit today to see the wonderful items we provide.

handmade painting

Friendly New Business

Our art shop is new to the Brown County area, but we’re thrilled to be in such a wonderful community. Our shop is here to create a friendly space for handmade items to be displayed and sold. We guarantee you’ll always feel welcome here and find stunning displays that show the true beauty of handmade arts and crafts.

Amazing Local Art

The Bee Hive is here to act as a storefront for crafters and artists from the area to showcase and sell their amazing products. When you come to see us, you’ll find a wide variety of items including pottery, paintings, wooden items, jewelry, quilting, and much more. We have great passion for arts and crafts and want to support the local art community with our shop. We’re also looking to add more unique items to our shop.

Superior Customer Service

We promise you the very best in customer care when you visit The Bee Hive. Our caring staff will show you around and give you any assistance you need to find the perfect item as a gift or for your home. You’ll be treated with the very best care because we believe that’s the right way of doing business. 

Call Us Today

When you’re looking for gorgeous art and handmade crafts, look no further than The Bee Hive. We’re so proud to support local artists and crafters and showcase the results of their passion and hard work. Come visit us today to learn more about who we are and how we fit in with this lovely community.